PayPal Government Solutions

        Federal, state and local agencies can take payments quickly, easily and securely with PayPal Government Solutions

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        Trusted digital payments for your citizens.

        Secure Payments

        We encrypt every transaction, do not share full customer financial information, and our fraud prevention gets better with every transaction.

        Save Time and Money

        Digital payments are more efficient: funds management is easier than checks or cash, plus online options help reduce office payment lines.

        Free to Choose

        More options = happier citizens. Offer PayPal, Venmo, credit cards and more; online, mobile and in-person, whenever they want to pay.

        Financial Inclusion

        We’re committed to democratizing financial services; empowering citizens, businesses and governments to thrive in the digital economy.

        93% of citizens believe government should offer digital and online payment options*

        Over half would pay with PayPal or Venmo if the option was available.

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        Collecting federal payments made easy.

        Nearly 200 federal agencies, including the?IRS and U.S. Postal Service, accept PayPal for citizen payments. Through the U.S. Department of the Treasury's federal payments platform, it's simple to add PayPal to your agency's payment forms too.

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        Our partners serve local and state government.

        PayPal works with best-in-class partners to provide payment products and integrated solutions tailored to meet a variety of needs for thousands of state and local government agencies.

        Property Tax

        Sturgis Government Solutions streamlines your services and gives citizens secure payment options.

        Hamer Enterprises:
        Custom Solutions

        Hamer Enterprises provides citizen-centric applications for property taxes, parks & recreation, utility bills, court fines and more.

        Value Payment Systems:
        Government Payments

        Value Payment Systems is used by all levels of government to increase revenue collection, exceed constituent expectations, and improve cash flow.


        Moovel integrates a complete transit payment solution into your back office.


        ParkMobile helps millions of people find and pay for parking on their mobile device.

        State Fairs

        ShoWorks manages exhibitor and entries transactions for agricultural fairs in North America.

        Resources to help you get started with digital payments.

        PayPal Government Solutions

        Learn how we help agencies and citizens make government payments quickly, easily and securely with PayPal Government Solutions.

        "Payments to the People" Report

        In our first-ever study of government payments, we surveyed 2,000 Americans to learn how they want to pay (and get paid by) federal, state and local agencies.

        Getting Started Guide

        Get answers to common questions on how to begin taking digital payments from your citizens with PayPal.

        More questions? Talk to our government solutions team today!

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        *Citizen Preferences for Government Payments", PayPal & Koski Research, March 2018, 2,000 Americans, aged 18-75.


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